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The Chronosphere Commentary:

Reflections on a poem about time

by Alan AtKisson

A scientific meeting about sustainability, the courage of a friend who faced certain death, and a tragi-comic poem in 61 verses are the starting points for these 61 short, luminous essays on the human relationship to time. Begun as a letter to the friend’s now-adult daughter, who had written to the author seeking to understand a mysterious poem dedicated to her father over 20 years previously, “The Chronosphere Commentary” takes the reader on a journey that varies from playful to philosophical to achingly personal, ultimately confronting the unreliability of memory and the unavoidable shortness of human life in the context of a vast, ancient universe.

The Chronosphere Commentary — based on the text developed at this website — is now available from most major online and physical bookstores. Published Dec 2020.

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